Castiel is BACK!
Yep his back~
i was wondering whether Cass is coming back or not this season but hey he came back and now we can all presume that this entire season might evolves around finding the angel's "weapon".

*drum rolls

and there's our man saying "Hello"

new artbook
I saw this at my local kino, its the new artbook for the game,
more text in this book rather than picture and most of the pics already published.

hakuoki girl's style

the cover feels (touch) really good though =)

Miwa has Twitter
OMG! i dunno that he has one, that totally explain the lack of update on his personal blog.

More surprise DOGS vol.5 is out!! Woot.. why didnt i know this?

stuff cat with sushi
i just finish playing sushi cat flash game at
The game is totally cute. Basically you just have to stuff the cat with sushi. =D.

try it it's fun

sushi cat



Hunter's Moon

i got this thid book at very cheap price at some books sale, the thing that attract me to buy this book is the quote

“I’m a musician by choice, a magician by profession and a bastard by disposition”

So at first I thought this book was about some magician uses this trickeries in accomplish his mission but somehow, it’s not about magic but more toward sorcery and summoning kind of things. If you read a brief summary at the back of the book you wouldn’t expect any kinky material in this book but hell you’re wrong. Hunter’s moon contain some over the top kinky stuff but not explicit. BDSM, toys, drugs, girl on girl action, orgasm summoning (weird) and blood all in one book.

The books was a first person view of a man named jack (code name), he’s secret agent to an organization called Service. It’s a secret organization that deals with terrorist x supernatural. One day he was assigned with a girl named Annie (code name) to eliminate a secret society that runs underground which they thought was up to something big. The society was consisting of only girls and therefore jack act as the back-up for Annie as she joined the society and extract information from the society. Disturbingly they found out that the society was more that what they assume to be and found themselves in a lot trouble which got even worse when Annie got brainwash to give full loyalty to the group.

Movie search
i'm looking for a good movie to watch. i watched a few old movie and some new movies in the cinema.

My review

Jennifer's Body
genre: horror, comedy, a pinch of romance
not impressed by Fox performance but she's a natural at being a girly arrogant girl. LOL. Sayfried was really good though.
this movie fiilled with foul languages that were used that weird situation which to me was so hilarious. (eg:Hello Titty)
it remind me a lot to scary movie.

old movie that i watched recently was

What's Eating Gilbert Grapes
genre: family
you can find everything about this movie here:
Totally recommended for those who havent watch this movie

DTD fanservice

i just couldnt gasp why fanservice?!! Does the rating for this series drop or something. i just couldnt stop laughing. i think i might like it better without fanservice.

PS3 slim

more hereCollapse )

what do you think?
when i look at this ad i totally overlooked the PS in the middle.

flu & hetalia
i caught my dad flu and now i am sick.

i just do a hetalia marathon and i wonder whether chibi italia is a girl or a guy. Since i assume hetalia is an educational anime for kids(source: anidb) and because of the kissing scene of between chibi italia and holy roman empire sooooo~~ my conclusion is chibi italia is a girl. However adult italia is man, more like puberty, doesnt act like adult at all)

there are slash and canon everywhere in this anime anywhere, so no suprise if chibi italia and adult italia is the same person. Gender bender might be the case also. and japanese can avoid stating gender in sentences. no him/her he/she.
we live in a very confusing world. seriously LOL

anyway the author of hetalia manga which the anime originated from Hidekaz Himaruya only 24. i wonder what gonna happen to his official web, coz it under geocities and i got email from yahoo that geocities about to be close down. <--- more on hetalia innocent-ness to not so innocent-ness

i was watching MTV made about a girl who wants to be a volleyball player. watching her training to become one, reminded me of my school days. when i was in school i was kinda into sport. i play net ball, hockey and chess (LOL). However the only sport i'm good at was netball.

in my high school year i decided to stop playing any sport and concentrated in studying. Not that i'm bad at studying, till now i still wonder why did i make that decision which i'm regretting now. Today i literally havent play any sport for about 10 years.


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